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angel meditations mp3

The following group of meditations are some of the favorites of the Monday Night Angel Class.  As they are recorded "live", there may be a cough, a sneeze or a kitty meow in one of them.  Rather than having these be a distraction, allow any outside noises to bring you deeper into the meditative state.

With the exception of the two short meditations, "White Ribbon" & "In the River" which are about 6-8 minutes long, all others are 22-26 minutes in length.  

The longer length of time includes :

1.) being guided into your sacred space

2.) a full chakra clearing before

3.) calling in the Angel of that particular visualization.  THAT'S LIKE GETTING 3 MEDITATIONS IN ONE! ….& makes the final contact with the Angelic Realm that much more powerful!

Please enjoy these with my wishes of Abundant Angel Blessings.


In The Universal River Meditation: ( $3.33 )
This is the meditation that you can easily do every day. Clear your mind and Stay connected to Source easily with this 6 minute daily meditation connecting you to the Universal River of Divine Energy.

Universal River Meditation

White & Red Ribbon Daily Clearing and Protection Meditation: ($3.33 )
Connect with the Archangels to clear and protect yourself each day. This meditation is less than 10 minutes long and designed specifically to clear & unify the  chakras while shielding you with protection for the day..

Daily Clearing and Protection

Archangel Ariel Meditation: ( $5.55 )
Connect with Archangel Ariel to promote more prosperity in your life now.

Ariel Manifestation Meditation

Archangel Jophiel Meditation: ( $5.55 )
Although ArchAngel Jophiel is known to clear out clutter & is the patron of artists, he does even more for everyone. This compassionate ArchAngel helps you to beautify your life. In this meditation, he even gives you a gift to use every single day. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, LOVE to LOVE.

Jophiel Meditation

Elevator Ride Meditation: ( $2.22 )
Find how to get into a receptive state faster so that you can use divine guidance using this method throughout your day. The more you use it, the faster you can shift your perception.

Elevator Ride Meditation

Archangel Zadkiel & Violet Flame Meditation: ( $5.55 )
Connect with Archangel Zadkiel and experience the Violet Flame and empower yourself through this guided meditation for inner peace.

Zadkiel Violet Flame

Archangel Uriel & Scroll Room Meditation: ( $5.55 )
Let Archangel URIEL guide you into the scroll room where you can find your personal scroll written in the language of Light. Understand your Dharma as your life path is revealed.

Uriel Scroll Room

Archangel Michael Cutting Cords & Protection Meditation: ( $5.55 )
Call in Michael, the head of all of the Archangels. With his flaming sword, allow Archangel Michael to cut the cords of fear. He then fills every level of you with divine light & protection

Archangel Michael


Manifesting A Goal Meditation: ( $5.55 )
In this powerful meditation, Archangel Michael & Archangel Uriel combine their energies to release anything holding you back so that may aide you in creating a specific goal in your life.

Manifesting Your Goals

Truth Heals Meditation: ( $5.55 )
Archangels MICHAEL & GABRIEL take you on a journey through your sacred space. In this meditation you can look at & release the parts of your past that hold you back. Feel the lightness that ensues from this deep healing.

Truth Heals


Pain Releasement Meditation : (Available Exclusively Via Workshops) - Release what is holding you back! Connect with your Angels to begin the healing process in your life now.









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