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Mary Jo McCallie, an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium certified under Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD., communicates with your Angels to receive Divine Guidance for all areas of your life.  She channels messages of love, wisdom, & healing from the Angelic Realms as well as from your deceased loves ones.

A successful spiritual teacher & healer, M.J. believes that we all have the innate ability to communicate with the angels and she helps to open that door for others by assisting them to develop their own Divine Intuition and psychic ability. Teaching various workshops and classes is only the beginning of how Mary Jo shares the Angels’ energy. Mary Jo and Angels Talk have also been featured in multiple spiritually-minded radio programs and Spiritually Speaking Radio Showlocal news media.


Mary Jo tends to shy away from the description as a “psychic” because of all of the dishonest charlatans she has met throughout her life.  Everyone is psychic to some degree.  Some are more gifted than others and some have simply practiced more.  Although she has always received information from the other side, she now channels Divine Guidance & healing through the Angels.

Although M.J. resides in the Tampa Bay area, her Readings and Healings can be received anywhere worldwide (Remote OR In-Person Appointments). There are no time or distance obstacles when engaging the Angel’s advice. Angels Talk is family-friendly, open and welcoming to all seekers.

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  1. Rosemary Nazar

    I saw 555 this morning on my way to work and am so excited about a major shift in my life. My question is, this is my first set of 5s Ive seen. Do I need to see multiple sets if 5 to know this is a true message I believe my angels are sending me.

  2. mary jo

    congrats on seeing your first “trips”!!! the message is clear with seeing it only once but don’t be surprised if you start seeing them everywhere!

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