Mary Jo McCallie

an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium certified under Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD.*, communicates with your Angels to receive Divine Guidance for all areas of your life.  She channels messages of love, wisdom, & healing from the Angelic Realms as well as from your deceased loved ones.

A successful spiritual teacher & healer, Mary Jo believes that we all have the innate ability to communicate with the angels and she helps to open that door for others by assisting them to develop their own Divine Intuition and psychic ability. Teaching various workshops and classes is only the beginning of how Mary Jo shares the Angels’ energy. Mary Jo and Angels Talk have also been featured in multiple spiritually-minded radio programs and local news media.

Mary Jo tends to shy away from the description as a “psychic” because of all of the dishonest charlatans she has met throughout her life.  Everyone is psychic to some degree.  Some are more gifted than others and some have simply practiced more.  Although she has always received information from the other side, she now channels Divine Guidance & healing through the Angels.

Although Mary Jo resides in the Tampa Bay area, her Readings, Healings, and Private Spiritual Mentorship Sessions can be received anywhere worldwide (Remote OR In-Person Appointments). There are no time or distance obstacles when engaging the Angels’ advice. Angels Talk is family-friendly, open and welcoming to all seekers.

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*Angels Talk and Mary Jo respond to Doreen Virtue’s recent changes

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Jamie Wareham

offers Angelic services as well. After many years of working daily with the Angels and furthering her Spiritual Studies, she has developed a unique toolbelt of techniques with which to assist others. She works with individuals to IDENTIFY, BREAKTHROUGH energetic barriers and HEAL areas that are holding them back from the very best version of themselves. By working together through energetically tailored Intuitive or Spiritual Mentorship Coaching Programs and Angelic Reiki + Sound Healings Sessions, we reawaken your co-creating power!

Jamie also offers various Intuitive Development Classes – both in-person and via Zoom.

Jamie is a Shamanic Reiki Master and Traditional Usui Reiki Master (Lineage 7th Removed From Master Usui), Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner (C.A.I.P.) and has studied with many Internationally known Spiritual Teachers such as Doreen Virtue (original courses*), Deborah King, and Sandra Ingerman as well as the true mind-body-spirit interconnectedness of healing through your Energy Systems.

Jamie is also an active member of the International Association Of Reiki Practitioners (IARP), Sound & Healing Drum Practitioner, Ordained Minister, and Spiritual Development Coach. For Reiki Level Certification Courses, click here.

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angels talk services w/Mary Jo

angels talk services w/Jamie

  • Intuitive Angel Card Readings help you receive Divine Guidance through your Angels and Guides on the best step towards healing. These Readings can help provide more clarity in many areas but focus on your "next best steps" in your life's purpose.

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  • Jamie offers multiple types of Spiritual Life Coaching (Soul Coaching) & Intuitive Development options to choose from. She also offers an online Group Spiritual Mentorship Program. Contact her for details about these programs.

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  • Feeling excess anxiety and/or unbalanced energy? Are you in need of Chakra Clearing and/or more advanced healing? Intuitive Angel Healing sessions and/or Reiki + Sound Healing sessions can bring you back into balance and reconnect your healing process with the Angels' help.

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  • Jamie is both a Shamanic and traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher and member of IARP & HRA. She provides attunement level Angelic Reiki classes which raise your vibration. Jamie also shows you how to perform energy maintenance exercises such as Qigong as well as working with you to co-create a more balanced life.

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  • Jamie offers a range of Intuitive Developement Classes (both online & in-person). Click the link to find out which courses are being offered currently. (ex: Past Life Review, Pendulums, Clairvoyance, Angel Magick, Angel Oracle Cards, etc.) (self-paced online workshop are now available)

    Schedule w/Jamie
  • Angelic Attunement Session - This is an energy-intensive attunement session that will further open up your ability to channel Angelic Energies and communicate with the Angelic realm. This is a Vibrational Upgrade to your energy system and activates a new level of "spiritual DNA". You will receive Symbols that you can use in your own spiritual practice.

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