Angel Meditations


Click the link below to access our latest group of meditations, many being favorites of the Monday Night Angel Class.  As they are recorded “live“, there may be a cough, a sneeze or a kitty meow in one of them.  Rather than having these be a distraction, allow any outside noises to bring you deeper into the meditative state.

Click BELOW:

angel meditations mp3

With the exception of the two short meditations, “White Ribbon” & “In the River” which are about 6-8 minutes long, all others are 22-26 minutes in length.

The longer length of time includes :

1.) being guided into your sacred space

2.) a full chakra clearing before

3.) calling in the Angel of that particular visualization.  THAT’S LIKE GETTING 3 MEDITATIONS IN ONE! ….& makes the final contact with the Angelic Realm that much more powerful!


Please enjoy these with my wishes of Abundant Angel Blessings.

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