Hear Angels Talk Workshop

Hear Angels Talk…

to Change Your Life!”


Angels Talk Workshops Florida

Saturday, TBA   9:30am-4:30pm
an all-day intensive with Mary Jo McCallie

At Temple Mound Spiritual Wellness Center

listen angels 101Click Here To Listen To a Message From Mary Jo

(All Day – May be used as Prerequisite to ATL and the C.A.I.P. Certification )


1.) All attendees will receive an MP3 download of the meditations for the workshop so that they can recreate the experiences at home.


Purple Pyramid Meditation: In the “Purple Pyramid”, you and a partner will share a trip where you can connect on an incredibly deep level. Here you will gather accurate information about the other & share that when you return to this world of objective reality.

Pain Releasement Meditation: (Available Exclusively Via Workshops) Release what is holding you back! Connect with your Angels to begin the healing process in your life now.

angel weekend retreat

In this incredibly powerful & fun day, you will learn how to use angelic guidance in your daily life to make the changes you want to see happen.

Learn who they are, how to “tap into” their energy, which ones to call on for individual circumstances, & techniques to rid yourself of negative energy.

There is comfortable seating indoors during informative lectures.  Learn about the easiest ways to connect to the Angels to assist you with increasing your ability to see, feel, & sense all of the different energies that surround us. See how understanding these more fully can enhance your life & those around you.

Please join us for this amazing day of growth & upliftment!

What a day!

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