Angel Intuitive Readings

Mary Jo McCallie Angel Intuitive

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Angelic Intuitive Readings – Divine guidance through the Angels (particularly Archangels).  This can be questions about anything in your life… relationships, job, health, spiritual callings, etc.  Mary Jo’s readings have morphed over the past 2 decades into often including teaching the methods of making contact with the Divine & on occasion, bringing in a passed loved one. AND they  always now include a chakra clearing & often a further clearing of unwanted energy that may be stuck in the recipient’s body.  

$133/ hr – limited number of self-scheduling times available

$155/hr – premium time sessions manually scheduled by Mary Jo           

Spiritual Healings

Spiritual Healings – Great for a deep Angelic & Light Being energy clearing & healing. Can be used for both physical & mental/spiritual maladies. After a discussion of objectives, the client is asked to recline on a massage table (fully clothed) while Mary Jo becomes the conduit for the Divine energy to pass through her to the individual. A short discussion follows to share what both felt during that session. 

$155/hr – limited number of self-scheduling times available

$177/hr – premium time sessions manually scheduled by Mary Jo

$255/hr – two healers working together on your session manually scheduled by Mary Jo

Spiritual Mentorship Programs w/MaryJo

Product Descriptio

Spiritual Mentorship Programs w/MaryJo – Clients may book a regular Angelic Intuitive Reading session as the first class & may then decide if they wish to apply that cost toward a monthly package. 

(Single session – $133)

Spiritual Mentorship Sessions 

$222/month + Plus free bonuses

2 month minimum required to garner results

With this option, you will receive:

  •  A 1-on-1 Spiritual Coaching Session twice a month to build upon or review from last session – keep the momentum.
  •  Choose and schedule the day/time for each session (ex: 1st and 3rd Wednesday @12pm).
  •  Discuss any spiritual and/or intuitive development news
  •  Discuss what steps you are taking spiritually to correct/enhance any issues.
  •  Weekly inspirational email or text contact between sessions (ex: reminders, inspirational material and homework to enhance your experience).
  •  Divine Guidance through the Angels & Spirit on questions about energy shifts.
  •  Monday Night Classes and workshops are recommended as a compliment to this work but are not mandatory.
  •  Goals Review at the beginning and end of each month while participating in the package.
  •  BONUS Free access to Monday Night Class while participating in the Spiritual Coaching Subscription Package (RSVP still required for attendance) ($40 minimum value).
  •  BONUS Free access to an Angels Talk meditation MP3 each month participating in this package ($20 max value).  This meditation can be used repeatedly to work on your intuitive connections.

*This package is a monthly subscription-styled program for continued learning throughout the month. Contact Mary Jo to schedule this type of mentorship program.

1st Monday Monthly Angel Meditation Classes In Tampa

Mary Jo hosts the Monday Night Angel Meditation Class in the Carrollwood area on the 1st Monday of each month.  

About:    Monday Angel Classes In Tampa – Booked through MeetUp, this is a great way to get extra energy of other “light-minded” people.  After a visualization, & optional sharing of the experience, the group votes on whether they prefer to learn how to give & receive an Angel card reading or experience giving & receiving spiritual healing energy.  Only one or the other is done during the session which lasts from 6:45pm until 8:45pm the first Monday of the month.  You can find our more about this in-person class and register via the

$20 cash or check at the door after registration