WOW. I just wanted to let you know that this morning’s session helped me incredibly. I feel so light again. The joy behind my smile is back…I get “it.” Thank you for the work that you do. I am so grateful. : )   –Love, Charnell

It was such a pleasure joining with you and the others today. There is such a powerful energy healing that I felt when I first walked in! It was almost palpable. Anyway, here is my e-mail address and I look forward to joining with all of you again.   –Peace, Susan


“Great person. Great Teacher. Great Readings, and Great Classes. The healing techniques that I had learned through the angels classes are powerful healing tools which I always utilize for my medical practice. Thank you, Mary Jo and Thank you, Angels!” — Ryan

I attended 2 classes of Mary Jo and I enjoyed both of them so much. We talked about angels and how they can help us in our daily life. We did healings on each other and I felt really good afterwards. We also did readings for each other. At the beginning I was a bit afraid I would get nothing but Mary Jo walked us through each step and at the end I had so much to tell. I will be back as soon as I can for another class! — Melanie

Mary Jo has a special gift in helping others to identify the gifts they possess. We all have them. We just need to find them. After attending one of her workshops a whole new world of experiences opened up to me. I am enjoying life with my new-found new sense of awareness. (-C)

MJ- I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes up to a new world of which I somehow knew I was a part of but never managed to truly connect with. In taking part in your Angel classes, courses & workshops…I have learned to tap into that deeper energy connection that we all share. I’ve come to understand how a Lightworker can help others.— Jamie

Thanks so much for organizing these classes, I feel amazing no more knot on my throat J slept like a baby yeaee I’ll see you in 2 weeks! — Bright Blessings, Alejandra

Since leaving your house I have been lightheaded and light on my feet. I also feel a definite “shift” in my sense of “presence” – but I am not sure how to describe that change in any more detail at this time.  Thank you for the experience today — Jerry

I just adore you…Thanx for having me….I haven’t felt this happy with myself in ages… — Victoria

My entire being celebrates a connection with MJ and other light-minded people in the group. I am ever so grateful. – Diana



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