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It’s time you don the CAIP! & become a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner

The Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner program (CAIP) is for those who have entered into our Mentorship Programs (w/ Mary Jo or Jamie) and want to take the next step in communicating with the angelic realm.  If you have ever felt guided to help others, heal, teach or act as a spiritual counsel for others, this is the program for you!

This class contains Angels Talk teachings and practices as well as those taught in the Angel Therapy Practitioner Class (ATP).
The mentorship coursework and exercises are designed to help you advance in your connections with the Angelic Realm and help others with your knowledge. This certification will help you to open up spiritually and receive divine guidance and directions from the Angels.
Becoming a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner will empower you and help you rediscover your individual and unique gifts. Click below to listen to a special message from Mary Jo:

listen to angel guidance

During the course of this mentorship-to-certification program, you will learn, develop, and practice numerous techniques for working with the Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters as well as participating in healing sessions.Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner

Through knowledge, practice, trust and developing your gifts, you will begin sharing Divine messages using Divine Guidance, using Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance.

  • Learn about the Angelic Realm including information about: Archangels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved Ones.
  • Learn more about your intuitive communication style and how to combine the 4 “clairs” in your CAIP coursework/classes to gain a deeper understanding of your angels’ messages.
  • Learn to trust and give accurate angel readings, using Oracle cards, pendulums and other divination tools to help you connect and communicate with your guides and angels and those of the person who has come to you for information, clarity, confirmation and assistance. Understand and integrate ethical and confidentiality issues in spiritual counseling.
  • Learn how to use Crystals to enhance your connection with Source and the Angel’s Guidance.
  • Discuss both Spiritual and everyday considerations involved in becoming a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner (CAIP) and learning how to facilitate your own spiritual sessions.
  • Learn how to prepare yourself, set your sacred space and prepare your angel cards for conducting an CAIP spiritual guidance session (including how to clear your energy and your space after a session).
  • Practice automatic writing with your Angel Journal and Psychometry techniques for receiving messages and information from the Angels and your Guides.
  • Learn techniques to clear & cleanse your energy field, release your emotional/spiritual blocks, and remove negative energy cords.

star angel readingsIf you are interested in a Mentorship Program for this exclusive certification now, contact Mary Jo or Jamie via the website contact form.

Angels Talk’s CAIP program includes multiple meditations to help you clear your energy and protect yourself, develop your intuitive skills and your ability to safely connect with your Spirit Guides and the Angels.

Required Reading (to be completed prior to Certificate):

Messages from Your Angels (original works from Doreen Virtue)
Angel Bible (Hazel Raven)

Additional Recommended Reading:

The Lightworkers Way (original works from Doreen Virtue)
Angel Therapy (original works from Doreen Virtue)
Archangels and Ascended Masters (original works from Doreen Virtue)

The Chakra System (Anodea Judith)

Requirements for Certification:

  • Enroll in one of our Private Mentorship Programs (w/Mary Jo or Jamie)
  • Have an open mind and a willingness to share in a group setting.
  • Keep a detailed Angel Journal, recording your personal intuitive explorations (dreams, readings, healings, angel signs, meditations, journeys, automatic writing or drawing, etc) and Reading/Healing Sessions.
  • At the completion of the course you will be required to provide proof of at least 25 documented/journaled Angel Spiritual Reading and/or Healing Sessions (EX: Monday Night Classes, Workshops, Online/Public, Family, Friends, Animals, etc.).
  • Complete a final certification test based upon your reading materials.
  • Submit a short essay (200-word) as to why you want to become a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner as well as briefly discuss your experience of working with Source and the Angels during your sessions.

Upon completion of the program, your Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner certificate will be available for you to download to proudly display at your home or place of work.

Become a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner with Angels Talk today
and learn to be confident in connecting and healing with the Angels!

angel intuitive certificate

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**The CAIP Certification currently requires enrolling in one of our mentorship programs to meet the necessary requirements for this certification.


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