Free Replays This Week Only – The Gathering for Financial Consciousness Global Virtual Series 3


I was a guest speaker on The Gathering for Financial Consciousness Global Virtual Series 3, hosted by Dr. Dana Williams.
You are invited to listen to me and 11 other master healers for The Gathering for Financial Consciousness – FREE Global Virtual Series.

The free replays are only available this week, May 2-7, 2016.

The Gathering for Financial Consciousness’ purpose is to assist you with being able to receive financial abundance in all forms.
The 12 master healers will clear limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, ancestral DNA and old stuck energy, to reset your vibrational threshold.
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12 Master Healers will have Live Q&A during each interview:
Day 1: Dr. Alison J. Kay
Day 2: Samadhy Ruiz
Day 3: Mary Jo McCallie (find Abundance With The Angels)
Day 4: Ana Maria Vasquez
Day 5: Sheri Kaplan
Day 6: Georgianna Rivera
Day 7: Victoria Reinertsdatter
Day 8: Jenny Schlitz
Day 9: Jimmy Mack
Day 10: DaKara Kies
Day 11: Gosia Lorenz
Day 12: Kim Caldwell

Here is the link to sign up for this Global Virtual Series at no cost to you. You must register to get the access info for the free replays and a special offer from me for finding  Abundance With The Angels).

P.S.: Feel free to invite your friends by forwarding this message!