with the ANGELS.

  • Saturday, February. 27th, 2016 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

    with Mary Jo McCallie

    Carrollwood Area – Tampa, FL

    (Address Given After Signup)

    Cost $77

    Discover which lifetimes have caused you to experience serious blockages in your soul’s journey and most importantly…HEAL these lifetimes easily with this gentle and powerful past life therapy.

    We will be accessing the Akashic records so that you can identify the important past lives that are holding you back. Then, we will release all vows, karmic contracts, & bindings to free you from all past-life trauma and reclaim your life’s comfort. You will find the obstructions to your ancient healing and intuitive gifts & let go of those obstructions to make your world and the entire world a better place.

    Perhaps you have a block to having a fulfilling relationship, or one that keeps you from having the financial abundance that you are chasing or fulfilling your life’s purpose. Healing these tribulations can help you to transform your present life.

    Reclaim your serenity, abundance, & courage with Past-Life Regression.

    Enroll now to begin healing your soul’s journey.

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