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Learn who your angels are & how to communicate with them. Join Mary Jo McCallie in an incredibly powerful & fun all-day workshop of Angelic Guidance to make the changes you want to see happen.


    Who they are
    How to “tap into” their energy
    Which ones to call on for individual circumstances
    How to distinguish between ego & divine guidance
*    Easy-to-do techniques so that you can rid yourself of
negative energy. (This helps you to literally feel better)

Workshops are priced individually. Costs vary due to location, how many hours are involved, etc. Contact AngelsTalk for more details.



Public Speaking

Public Speaking for all types of groups available. Mary Jo is an excellent public speaker who entertains while educating audiences about how Angels help us all on a daily basis. Her lectures range from 20 minutes to a full hour or more as your needs require. Some of these lectures are free of charge as her mission is to share the Angel’s Guidance with as many as possible. Don’t be mistaken thinking that this is only for religious groups or for those on the “fringe.” Angels help business people, moms, kids in school, management teams, office workers… EVERYONE! M.J. has a non-threatening way to help even the most skeptical understand how Angelic messages can help their daily lives to become a bit easier & much more fulfilling.

If you have a group that could benefit from her light & informative format, please contact Mary Jo McCallie directly at: OR Call: 813-419-1117


Many public speaking engagements are done free of charge! Check with Mary Jo to see if your group qualifies.


Corporate Visualizations for Stress Release

Most people are familiar with businesses that offer chair massages to their employees to help them relieve both the physical & emotional discomfort caused by stress in the workplace. A massage therapist showing up & charging individuals for a 15 minute neck & upper back massage has been shown to help the morale of employees.

Although now being widely used in both Europe & Australia, meditations & visualizations have just recently been introduced into the corporate world in the United States. With a 20-25 minute session for a group meditation, studies show that those participating in the class on a regular (once weekly) basis, not only show less signs of stress but become more productive. Bottom line – for not only a happier employee but for one who performs better, the company increases their bottom line; ie. they make more money. This is true no matter the size of the business.

If you own a business or simply work in a business that you think could benefit from Mary Jo’s talent in this area, please contact her for more details…. Including a FREE FIRST SESSION!

Please call or email me for more information on booking a Corporate or Public Speaking session at: OR Call: 813-419-1117