with Mary Jo McCallie

 “What’s the benfit of working with Mary Jo McCallie?”

“What type of challenges does a Spiritual Mentorship resolve?”

Mary Jo has a deep spiritual connection with the Angels & uses this affiliation to help you to clarify & remove the blocks to fully enjoying your life.

She helps you formulate specific steps to increase joy & clarity in your day to day activities and more importantly…

working so closely, you will gain greater confidence in receiving your own Divine communication through the Angels. You will increase your own level of psychic & spiritual ability!

 Job, health, money, & love problems can become a thing of the past.  Eliminate stress, victimhood, despair, fear, self-doubt & self-criticism through consistent contact with the Angelic realm.

“Mastering The Shift Package”  – billed $222 monthly

    • 2 x month (1hr) 1 on 1 Skype call to review from last session.
    • Choose and schedule in the day/time for each session via our system (ex: 1st and 3rd Tuesday @10am).
    • Discuss what is new in life spiritually.
    • Discuss what steps you are taking spiritually to correct/enhance any issues.
    • Share your experiences + meditation or instruction from Mary Jo.
    • Weekly inspirational email contact, as able, between sessions (reminders or inspirational material).
    • Divine Guidance through the Angels & Mary Jo for questions about energy shifts.
    • Monday Night Classes and workshops are recommended as a compliment to this work but are not mandatory.
    • Goals Review at the beginning and end of each month while participating in the package.

    • BONUS Free access to an Angels Talk meditation MP3 each month participating in this package ($20 value).

    • BONUS Free access to Monday Night Class while participating in the Spiritual Coaching Service (RSVP still required for attendance) ($30 value).
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Personal Transformation Package – billed $333 monthly

  • Includes everything in the “Mastering The Shift” package plus:
  • An additional monthly (1hr) Skype 1-on-1 call.  That’s 3 calls each month (a $400 value)
  • A monthly GOLDEN LIGHT clearing and cleansing session (a $200 value)
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*Only Accepting 5 New Mentorships At This Time*


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Still Unsure???

Schedule a one hour reading with Mary Jo to get answers to pending questions and receive an energy clearing & possibly an attunement, to boot.  If you find value in that & decide that MJ can be of assistance on your journey, you can subtract that charge from the mentorship program cost.

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