Angels In The Tampa Area (monthly):


Monday Night Angel Class

We have an incredible opportunity for people who live in the Tampa, FL area. We are a diverse group of “light-minded” people who get together to deepen their spiritual abilities & support each other in this endeavour and have fun!

We not only have different deep meditations each class but we get to learn how to give readings & perform energy healings for each other in a comfortable & loving atmosphere enhanced through Mary Jo’s connection to the Angels & her easy way of channeling their guidance to everyone


Angel Classes AudioClick Here To Listen To a Message From Mary Jo

(RSVP via email or sign up required to save your space)

Individual 1st Monday /Month Angel Classes are $15


2nd Tuesday Night Of Specified Months (January, February, April, June, August, October, December):

Angels Talk THROUGH Mary Jo

hear angels talk course

After a deep meditation, join  Mary Jo McCallie for this once monthly experience.  As an inspirational teacher, intuitive guide and energy healer, she will make direct connection with Spirit. She will demonstrate her ability to channel messages from Angels, Guides, Masters and loved ones by answering questions from the audience.

(RSVP via email or sign up required to save your space)

Angels Talk THROUGH Mary Jo Monday Night Event Tickets are $25/person.