Angels Talk Wedding Services

Have you (or has someone you know) just become engaged? …Maybe looking for someone to perform the ceremony?

Not too surprisingly, Mary Jo is also an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. This allows her to follow yet another vein of her spiritual quest… that of having the legal right to perform weddings.

She truly enjoys being an integral part in a couple’s commitment to ignite the spiritual bond of sharing of their new life together. The ceremonial dialogue is intimate, spiritual & uplifting without being laden with heavy religious dogma. If desired, the couple may write their own vows or use those provided.

Location is up to the couple… be it on a beach, a back yard, a hotel ballroom, a living room or any venue of their choice. Travel charges are applicable.

For further information regarding pricing and her availability for your event, please fill out our Wedding Info form. Your request will receive a timely response.