The Angel Gateway Experience

The Angels are coming to TampaBay.

Actually, they’re already here. They just want to get to know you better. And THIS is the time!

Angel Gateway Experience

Join us on Saturday & Sunday,

October 22 & 23


9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Mary Jo McCallie

Invites you for a weekend retreat in Old Carrollwood


Introducing: “The Conduit System”… the pathway through your heart to healing, light, & love.

 Learn how to connect with your Angels.

Learn how to understand their guidance.
and then… how to trust.

Learn the power of meditation… through extremely deep guided visualizations, go where you never even dreamed of going.

** Register on or before 10/3 and you’ll be entered to win a FREE 30 Minute Reading with Mary Jo and the Angels **


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